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      ONB Is New Brunswick's Business Accelerator

      Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) is accelerating growth by attracting global business, strengthening exports, and empowering local companies and entrepreneurs.

      Exceeding Targets

      We are accelerating growth and creating jobs across the province.


      new job commitments were obtained by ONB in 2018-19.


      Jobs to be created in the North East


      Jobs to be created in the South East


      Jobs to be created in the South West


      Jobs to be created in the Central Region


      Jobs to be created in the North West Region

      As of Q4 2018–19

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      ONB Success Stories

      From startups to global corporations, ONB is helping businesses relocate, expand, export, and grow.

      Our Results - April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2019

      ONB is bringing new money and new jobs to New Brunswick. Our contribution to the GDP: $1,259,000,000.


      Actual Jobs Created


      Committed Jobs


      Average Salary $

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